What I like about fiberglass rods



When I started out my angling adventures, I soon became fascinated by the variety of gear and equipment made available for fishermen and women. I had a bit of trouble selecting the appropriate gear for what I had in mind, but fortunately, I had my buddies to help me out and give me some advice on the matter.

Soon enough, I learned that not all fishing rods are made the same. On the one hand, they have different lengths, various actions and powers, but on the other, they are made out of unique materials. Nowadays, I have noticed that most manufacturing brands prefer using composites instead of making their poles out of a single material. The fact is that you should choose your rod depending on your fishing circumstances and techniques you like using, but also depending on the purpose you are trying to achieve.

Fiberglass rods are some of the most rugged ones out there. They’re made to withstand a lot of abuse, which is why they are the best if you are looking for a safe bet and want a product that can last for a good deal of time. However, they do have a slight downside, and it consists of the fact that they are much heavier compared to their carbon fiber and graphite counterparts.

Sensitivity is always something to be addressed as the vibration transmitted through the rod by a potential catch is what will make you start fighting the fish. In this respect, fiberglass poles aren’t extraordinary as some say that sensitivity is graphite’s territory. Believe it or not, extreme responsiveness can also be a disadvantage as it can make you react too fast and potentially lose your fish.

While fiberglass blanks are heavier compared to those made out of graphite, the fact of the matter is that it comes down to your style of fishing. If you prefer shorter rods that are easier to hold in your hand, it’s pretty obvious that the weight of the pole won’t ever be too cumbersome. The same goes for those rods that you simply set up on your boat and then wait for the fish to bite, without holding the pole in your hands all of the time.

I like fiberglass rods mainly because I am no longer a complete rookie in practicing the art of fishing. They might be slightly harder to work with if you’re a beginner, that is because they have a somewhat slower comeback rate compared to poles made from graphite. If you’re a stream fisher such as myself, you might enjoy using a fiberglass fishing rod. I mainly bought my equipment for the ponds and streams in the area I live in, so keep that in mind, as well as other factors.

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