Basic equipment to play paintball

Getting started in paintball can be a lot easier if you get the basic paintball equipment. There’s no need to get the most expensive items if you think smart and invest in items that allow you to play the game like a professional.

For starters, you can’t play paintball without a gun or marker, as they are referred by players. Paintball guns are a basic tool in paintball and come in different shapes and sizes. The most important aspect is that you only need a tool that propels paintballs in a straight line. Also, you can either buy your own or rent from available paintable shops.

Even though paintball is a safe sports activity, you need to ensure safety at all costs. This is why you need to get a paintball mask that protects your face. It’s a known fact that a flying paintball strikes so hard that it can leave bruises on your body and a shot straight in your face can leave you with serious health issues, including blindness.

Another safety element is the paintball vest that has the capacity to offer protection as well as easy access to other important things that you’re carrying with you. Since you’ll have plenty of freedom to move and run, it’s better to look for vests that feature special pouches for storing maps, water, and radios. If you have plenty of pockets, you can also get a GPS device, some snacks, and extra O-rings.

There are several models of paintball vests on the market that are outfitted with a hydration bladder that comes in handy when you need a quick zip while on the run. Furthermore, they are made of durable fabric that makes the vest lightweight and special camouflage design in order to disguise easily during the paintball game. If you can opt for a vest that comes with adjustable straps so you can customize it to your own size. Don’t overlook the ventilation factor and the special zipper for quick release.

In order for the paintballs to get in your gun or marker’s chamber before you are able to use them for shooting your target, they need a hopper to get there. This is a small container that is located on your gun and basically feeds your gun the necessary paintballs.

If the game takes longer than you thought, you’ll probably need some snacks to get your blood sugar up and working. So make sure to have something to eat on the go in case you get hungry.

Now you can’t play paintball without paintballs. Besides the guns, they are crucial for any player on the field. These spherical balls contain paint and once they are loaded into the gun they’ll shot using the expansion of the compressed gas. There are various brands that offer all sorts of colors but they all perform the same way. As long as they are not too old, you can pick whatever you think looks better on your opponent’s body.

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