Basic equipment to play paintball

Getting started in paintball can be a lot easier if you get the basic paintball equipment. There’s no need to get the most expensive items if you think smart and invest in items that allow you to play the game like a professional.

For starters, you can’t play paintball without a gun or marker, as they are referred by players. Paintball guns are a basic tool in paintball and come in different shapes and sizes. The most important aspect is that you only need a tool that propels paintballs in a straight line. Also, you can either buy your own or rent from available paintable shops.

Even though paintball is a safe sports activity, you need to ensure safety at all costs. This is why you need to get a paintball mask that protects your face. It’s a known fact that a flying paintball strikes so hard that it can leave bruises on your body and a shot straight in your face can leave you with serious health issues, including blindness.

Another safety element is the paintball vest that has the capacity to offer protection as well as easy access to other important things that you’re carrying with you. Since you’ll have plenty of freedom to move and run, it’s better to look for vests that feature special pouches for storing maps, water, and radios. If you have plenty of pockets, you can also get a GPS device, some snacks, and extra O-rings.

There are several models of paintball vests on the market that are outfitted with a hydration bladder that comes in handy when you need a quick zip while on the run. Furthermore, they are made of durable fabric that makes the vest lightweight and special camouflage design in order to disguise easily during the paintball game. If you can opt for a vest that comes with adjustable straps so you can customize it to your own size. Don’t overlook the ventilation factor and the special zipper for quick release.

In order for the paintballs to get in your gun or marker’s chamber before you are able to use them for shooting your target, they need a hopper to get there. This is a small container that is located on your gun and basically feeds your gun the necessary paintballs.

If the game takes longer than you thought, you’ll probably need some snacks to get your blood sugar up and working. So make sure to have something to eat on the go in case you get hungry.

Now you can’t play paintball without paintballs. Besides the guns, they are crucial for any player on the field. These spherical balls contain paint and once they are loaded into the gun they’ll shot using the expansion of the compressed gas. There are various brands that offer all sorts of colors but they all perform the same way. As long as they are not too old, you can pick whatever you think looks better on your opponent’s body.

My favorite books about fishing


Not all anglers wake up one morning and realize they’ve learned all they needed to know about angling. If you need a bit of help and have nothing against spending several hours in the company of a good book, I’m here to give you a hand. I’ve put together some suggestions which might be able to assist you in finding a nice book for what you have in mind. Of course, many of these are destined for beginners.

Consuming fish is a great way of integrating amazing nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 into your diet, so if you want to eat the fish you’ve caught, be sure to do so. Just make sure you have a valid fishing license to avoid breaking the law. Without further ado, you should check out these suggestions if you’re in the market for a new fishing book.

Before I go on to the recommendations, however, I would like to tell you how to get free books about fishing. You can either stay tuned to the offers made available on Amazon or get in touch with the author him or herself. Often times, they’ll be active on Twitter, for example, so you could ask them to send you an electronic copy of their book.

The Hungry Ocean by Linda Greenlaw

Greenlaw shares with her readers some of the most exciting times when she was fishing for swordfish in the Grand Banks. While it might be less of a recommended read for someone who wants to learn as much as they can about angling, in general, I had to suggest this book because it is packed with the experiences of a woman who is an excellent swordboat captain in spite of her gender. It’s common knowledge that fishing is a male-dominated sport, so that’s why I suggested this read.


The Total Fishing Manual by Joe Cermele

If what you’re in need of is more of an essential guide to fishing and the many techniques one can employ to get the trophy fish they have been dreaming of all of their life, The Total Fishing Manual is what you’re after. It’s well-illustrated and perfectly designed, which is why it speaks to the needs of complete rookies and advanced anglers alike.

It’s filled with information on choosing the right gear and tackle, and it covers about three hundred things about angling in the United States. From lures to strategies, you have everything you likely need between these covers.

The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton

Believe it or not, this book has been in print for the past three hundred years. It might not be what you expect, which is to say that it is not a manual per se. However, it does address the fisher’s need to be in tune with nature and what it means for fishing to be a sport. Unfortunately, there aren’t any modern editions that are easy to read, so if you choose this book, you’ll undoubtedly have to deal with the archaic language.



What I like about fiberglass rods



When I started out my angling adventures, I soon became fascinated by the variety of gear and equipment made available for fishermen and women. I had a bit of trouble selecting the appropriate gear for what I had in mind, but fortunately, I had my buddies to help me out and give me some advice on the matter.

Soon enough, I learned that not all fishing rods are made the same. On the one hand, they have different lengths, various actions and powers, but on the other, they are made out of unique materials. Nowadays, I have noticed that most manufacturing brands prefer using composites instead of making their poles out of a single material. The fact is that you should choose your rod depending on your fishing circumstances and techniques you like using, but also depending on the purpose you are trying to achieve.

Fiberglass rods are some of the most rugged ones out there. They’re made to withstand a lot of abuse, which is why they are the best if you are looking for a safe bet and want a product that can last for a good deal of time. However, they do have a slight downside, and it consists of the fact that they are much heavier compared to their carbon fiber and graphite counterparts.

Sensitivity is always something to be addressed as the vibration transmitted through the rod by a potential catch is what will make you start fighting the fish. In this respect, fiberglass poles aren’t extraordinary as some say that sensitivity is graphite’s territory. Believe it or not, extreme responsiveness can also be a disadvantage as it can make you react too fast and potentially lose your fish.

While fiberglass blanks are heavier compared to those made out of graphite, the fact of the matter is that it comes down to your style of fishing. If you prefer shorter rods that are easier to hold in your hand, it’s pretty obvious that the weight of the pole won’t ever be too cumbersome. The same goes for those rods that you simply set up on your boat and then wait for the fish to bite, without holding the pole in your hands all of the time.

I like fiberglass rods mainly because I am no longer a complete rookie in practicing the art of fishing. They might be slightly harder to work with if you’re a beginner, that is because they have a somewhat slower comeback rate compared to poles made from graphite. If you’re a stream fisher such as myself, you might enjoy using a fiberglass fishing rod. I mainly bought my equipment for the ponds and streams in the area I live in, so keep that in mind, as well as other factors.

My favorite fishing gear



Back when I wasn’t into fishing, I started asking my friends what they had found so interesting about the sport and why they’d become so fascinated by it. As you know, some wives aren’t particularly supportive of their husbands’ weekend activities, so each and every one of these buddies of mine had to go through talks and talks with their female partners before going on a fishing trip.It wasn’t worth the effort, in my opinion. At least, that’s what I thought in the beginning. But, one day, I decided to take one of my friends up on their promise to take me with them on an angling trip. I was excited, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I liked the whole bonding part and the fact that you need to be quiet and attentive so that you really have a chance of reeling in the big fish of your dreams.

Eventually, I decided to pick up my own tackle so that I wouldn’t use the one of my companions anymore. Of course, I had to ask for their opinion on the matter as I had little to no experience with choosing a good quality rod and reel. I didn’t know whether I should pick a combo or buy them separately. In the end, we settled on a spinning combo, although at the time I wasn’t even aware there were so many kinds of reels and rods.Aside from the advice I got from my friends, I also did some online research. I started with some specialized forums, but I also logged into my Amazon account and started browsing through some ratings. One thing led to another and I came across an Ugly Stik GX2 review that managed to convince me that this was the product I was supposed to buy.

This is a lightweight combo that’s a winner when it comes to portability. It’s also rather affordable, and let’s face it, beginning anglers aren’t prepared to waste their entire budget on a rod and reel that might not even meet their expectations.

The smooth performance ensured by the glass filled nylon material and the padded handle will be something you’ll inevitably look forward to when going on a fishing trip. Now, I’m not trying to convince you to get the same model. It’s just that I was genuinely impressed with the construction of the combo and the fact that the reel comes with as many as four stainless steel ball bearings. Besides, the combo won’t become the victim of rust or corrosion anytime soon as it has been built to withstand these two rather well. Of course, as with other reels, if you use this particular one in saltwater, you need to give it a good rinse afterward.

Here you can find more details on this model:



What fish can you catch in Florida?



If you’ve been dreaming about taking a trip to Florida not only because you’re going to retire anytime soon, but also because you’re an angler and want to make the most of your vacation, I’m here to tell you some things. I’ve compiled a short list of the top favorite fish to catch in Florida, and I’ll even give you some tips to get you started.

Something that I have to add right at the beginning of this post is that not all Florida locations have the same fish. For example, you can catch anything from Black Grouper to Red Snapper and Mullet or Bluefish in Naples, but you wouldn’t be able to do the same in other areas. Barracuda is another popular fish in South Florida, and the neat thing about it is that the local legislation allows every fisher to keep up to two that they have caught.

I’ll be addressing most of the species that can be found all throughout the state, however.



Tarpon is one of the most loved gamefish in our state, and that’s because it can be found almost anywhere, including other states such as Alabama, for example. You’ll need a special permit to kill a tarpon, so make sure you have everything at hand unless you want to get in some kind of trouble with the authorities. To catch tarpon, you’ll need a 10 to 12 weight rod and reel.  For more details visit:

Speckled trout is another species you’ll come across in shallow waters of estuaries and bays. It feeds on baitfish and shrimp and is commonly thought of as one of the most popular sportfish in Florida. The neat thing about it is that you can catch it with anything from flies to top water plugs. It’s a species that you’ll come across in states like Virginia, North Carolina, as well as Louisiana.

The largemouth bass is by far one of the popular species that Americans love, and that’s because it is a freshwater fish that feeds on other local species and that can, unfortunately, cause all sorts of ecological disasters. That’s why you’ll notice that the legislation in relation to bass is somewhat understanding. It’s not like the species is going to become extinct anytime soon.

Mackerels can be found anywhere from Maine to Rio de Janeiro. Because they require a certain set of skills and expertise and a good deal of specialized equipment, this is the chosen fish of tournament anglers.

Other fish you can find in Florida are snappers, groupers, a good amount of panfish ranging from bluegill to warmouth, as well as snook and red drum. Whether you prefer catching one or the other, I can tell you for sure that you’re going to have a lot of fun.

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